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Meeker Painting has been servicing Pasco and Pinellas counties for over 15 years.

We not only promise to deliver beautiful results; we promise a pleasurable experience. We handle everything from prep to clean up. And, yes, we do leave the site absolutely clean each and everyday. We guarantee a professional job every time. At Meeker Painting, we offer a complete service. We never leave a mess, or unfinished work.

Don’t struggle to paint your own projects when Charles Meeker Painting has the equipment and expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently. For more information or to schedule an on-site estimate, call us today (727)-639-4688.

Exactly How Meeker Painting Will Prep and Repaint Your House

  1. First, we move contents only when necessary out of the room to be painted. We take very special care while handling your delicate items and furniture to ensure nothing gets damaged. We are very clean and have a lot of respect for the home you have let us into.

  2. Next, we patch cracks, holes, repairable chips and reseal your windows with siliconized caulk. We also caulk wood seams and joints, then apply wood putty where needed. These small repairs are integral in reviving your homes interior surface integrity and appearance, and will subsequently solve small problems that could easily grow into more complex headaches.

  3. Before we paint, we are going to cover and protect things inside your house. We are adamant about the thorough use of plastic, drop-cloths, paper and tape to guard surfaces, furniture and plants around your home that are not to be painted. The foreman continuously monitors these protective measures every project day, all day long.

  4. Now the room is ready to be primed. We use Sherwin Williams Premium Primer to solidify surface irregularities in old drywall paint, and create a solid and even surface for applying the new paint.

  5. Now, we’re ready to paint your house! We use Sherwin Williams Super Paint as it is guaranteed by the manufacturer not to blister or peel for 25 years. This, by far, is the strongest guarantee in the industry, and though this paint is expensive, we at Meeker Painting feel you deserve the very best paint and guarantee for your home. We usually recommend a gloss sheen for masonry and wood homes as it is less porous than flat paint and offers better resistance to dirt and mildew. And, it looks great! We roll and brush most paintable surfaces as we do not feel proper paint millage is attained with the use of airless sprayers - they are quicker, but we would rather take the time to coat your home thoroughly.

  6. We’re not finished yet. Before we conduct a walk-around inspection with you, we will thoroughly clean up the project site, return any and all flower pots and vases to their original locations, and return lawn furniture and ornaments back to their respective places. Then we are ready to walk around the project site and show you that excellence is a performance.

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