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About Meeker Painting

      When Chuck Meeker formed Meeker Painting over 15 years ago, he was convinced that customers deserved far more from a repaint contractor than the substandard performances they had experienced in the past.

We value our customers satisfaction and trust

     While learning the craft of painting and repainting people’s homes – in many cases our customers greatest asset – he learned that it was as important to create and nurture a relationship of value, satisfaction and trust with customers, as it was to expertly prep and apply superior paint to their homes. He formed Meeker Painting with the pledge that we would treat each customer as our most important client of the year, and to exceed their expectations on every project.

     What started as a good business philosophy has turned into a Code of Conduct for our staff of professional painters. You will sense this commitment from the moment you receive your job proposal right up until the final job inspection is conducted and you find yourself thrilled with the way your house looks, and, more importantly, how this beautiful look lasts.

Top of the line material

     We use the very best paint at Meeker Painting. We have the best painters and we compensate them well because we are smart enough to realize that they are our primary asset in pleasing you. We paint only surfaces that are to be painted, and our application is surgically precise. We are sensitive to your plants, pets and personal schedule.

One of a kind painting contractor

     If you are like most homeowners, you’ve probably had enough experience with contractors who have little more on their minds than slapping a job together, grabbing a check and getting off of your property.

     When preparing to invest in a new exterior repaint project, isn’t it good to know that your chosen contractor is as focused on each of your concerns and requirements as they are with expertly painting your home?

At Meeker Painting, our mission is the customer, customer, customer, And we paint pretty well, too.

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